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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 4th Jan 00:32
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  1. [23:35] <weenog> something said at the end was kinda interesting, though
  2. [23:35] <kyprioth> Oh?
  3. [23:35] <kyprioth> Was it "Oh yea, your brother is dead"?
  4. [23:36] <weenog> The Dungeon Master: However, a certain 4 other individuals in the world are blessed with luck.
  5. [23:36] <weenog> nah, that was just cool
  6. [23:36] <weenog> "in the world" rather than "in another world"... I wonder... did this happen in Urda?
  7. [23:36] <weenog> if it did
  8. [23:36] <weenog> and if it's the same Urda we normally play in
  9. [23:37] <kyprioth> Maybe.
  10. [23:37] <weenog> we might have another chance even if the characters don't
  11. [23:37] <kyprioth> Indeed. Well, that would be some metagaming :P
  12. [23:37] <weenog> wouldn't be the first time our main characters have had to deal with fey or oberon's influence
  13. [23:37] <weenog> not necessarily
  14. [23:38] <kyprioth> "Ah yes, I'm just gonna try some random password. Fire? Is that right?"
  15. [23:38] <weenog> I mean, for you, yeah, but my main character isn't a dick
  16. [23:38] <weenog> he tries to do the right thing on general principles
  17. [23:38] <kyprioth> True. Though not nessessarily either.
  18. [23:38] <weenog> I didn't mean to say maybe we'd wind up at the haunted house ourselves
  19. [23:38] <weenog> rather we might wind up having a chance of recovering the little girl in a different way
  20. [23:38] <kyprioth> Ah.
  21. [23:38] <weenog> possibly inadvertently
  22. [23:38] <kyprioth> That would be cool, actually.
  23. [23:39] <weenog> maybe we become aware of the situation by chance, that lunar warrior comes at us again, we stomp his ass again and rather than accepting material rewards we request the girl goes free
  24. [23:39] <weenog> something like that, you know
  25. [23:40] <kyprioth> Maye.
  26. [23:40] <kyprioth> Maybe*

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