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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 1st Jan 03:23
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  1. The Dungeon Master: Checking the inside cover, you learn it is Lord Gregal's personal notebook and journal.
  2. The Dungeon Master: Skimming the entries, you find that the man was indeed a passionate hunter. He recalls every hunt in great detail, as well as how the chef (Mortimer) prepared the meals, and reminders to himself to pay the halfling great compliments. He seems to have been a lively, pleasant, and loving man, with an equally loving household.
  3. The Dungeon Master: You notice that the pages in the second half are very brief, though.
  4. The Dungeon Master: Flipping back, you find the entry where they suddenly change.
  5. The Dungeon Master: One entry is much like the others before; the Lord shot a fine deer, played with his daughter, ran with his hounds; the venison was fine, but he does remark that it tasted odd, and notes to ask Mortimer about it.
  6. The Dungeon Master: The next entry is several days later, and very brief. "The search continues. Gods please return my Maria."
  7. Red: Could...
  8. Red: no...
  9. Red: he couldn't have... why would he..?
  10. Cesaer: (I don't get it.)
  11. The Dungeon Master: (That's because your Wis isn't 18.)

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