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Posted by Frymaster on Thu 2nd Jul 10:22
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  1. (Use some sort of RPC between PHP and Java)
  3. On the PHP side:
  5. 1. PHP assembles XML request
  6. 2. PHP calls "execute this request" function on Java via RPC, gets transaction number back
  7. 3. repeat until all requests underway
  8. 4. PHP calls "get results of request" function using transaction number, either gets result or gets told to wait
  9. 5. repeat until all requests dealt with, possibly with a very small sleep at the end of each loop-through
  11. On the Java side:
  12. when "execute this function" called, it (in a thread-safe manner) increments a transaction counter, spawns a new thread to process, and returns the transaction counter
  14. When the procssing thread is complete, it (in a thread-safe manner) adds result to a collection of results, including a timestamp and the transaction number with it (possibly a dictionary or similar, with the transaction number as the key)
  16. When the "get result" function is called, it checks if the result is in the collection (may not need to be thread-safe).  If so, it returns the result and deletes (in a thread-safe manner) from the collection
  18. Either every time one or other of the functions is called, OR running on a seperate thread and sleeping for, say, a minute between loops, something checks the collection for very old timestamps (may not need to be thread-safe).  If it finds any, it (in a thread-safe manner) deletes them from the collectoin

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