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Posted by bad signs on Sun 14th Jun 23:46
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  1. [00:33] <kyprioth> are you around wee?
  2. [00:39] <kyprioth> I  guess not.
  3. [00:39] <kyprioth> Too bad, you could  totally take advantage of my current drunkness.
  4. [00:40] <kyprioth> I might pop in PSN  in a bit. who knows? Not I, that's for sure.
  5. [00:41] <kyprioth> Weird.... I believe my grammar and spelling stay as good as usual, even though the screen seems to be moving to me... a lot... ]
  6. [00:42] <kyprioth> heh, kinda ironic, though maybe not really, I can't tell right now, that I added a [ at the end of that.
  7. [00:46] <kyprioth> Also, I  totally meant to finish that joke before in a more innocent way, but by taking advantage, I did not mean sexually... Oh god that sounds  lame.  But I care not enough to earse it. In fact, I will keep typing.
  8. [00:49] <kyprioth> I  totally meant to mention this before, not  that  you;d likely read this, but I hate cops.
  9. [00:49] <kyprioth> They totally ruined my night.
  10. [00:50] <kyprioth> I was totally gonna get laid, but then the cops  came, and everyone left, including /her/. Apparently, she gets around a lot, but I really don't  care.
  11. [00:50] <kyprioth> I had a few friends set up to stop me, but they wouldn't  really... maybe... I don't know.
  12. [00:50] <kyprioth> Oh, and then I left too and I totally forgot my jacket.
  13. [00:51] <kyprioth> That's   my fault, but I'm still  blaming the cops.
  14. [00:51] <kyprioth> Why am I talking so much? You're  not even here
  15. [01:14] <kyprioth> Oh  yea... it's cause i'm drunnk.
  16. [01:39] <kyprioth> well, I'm off to sleep.
  17. [01:39] <-- kyprioth has left this server (Client exited).

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