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Posted by lifeless on Tue 14th Apr 12:56
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  1. plone-site - preconfigured zope instance containing a plone site
  2. zope-archetypes - framework for developing and deploying new content types
  3. zope-atcontenttypes - archetypes-based replacement for Plone/CMF types
  4. zope-cachefu - suite of Zope products for speeding up Plone
  5. zope-cmfactionicons1.6 - actions and icons add-on for zope content management framework
  6. zope-cmfbibliographyat - A Bibliography management product for Zope/CMF/Plone
  7. zope-cmfformcontroller - zope form validation for cmf and plone
  8. zope-cmfmember - advanced members management for Plone sites
  9. zope-cmfphoto - photo module for zope content management framework
  10. zope-cmfphotoalbum - photo album module for zope content management framework
  11. zope-cmfplacefulworkflow - placeful workflow based on CMF for Plone
  12. zope-cmfplone - content management system based on zope and cmf
  13. zope-cmfquickinstallertool - zope add-on to easy install cmf/plone products
  14. zope-epoz - cross-browser WYSIWYG editor for Zope
  15. zope-kupu - cross-browser document-centric WYSIWYG editor for zope
  16. zope-ldapmultiplugins - LDAP plugin for Zope/Plone
  17. zope-ldapuserfolder - LDAP user and group source for Zope/Plone
  18. zope-linguaplone - multilingual and translation solution for plone
  19. zope-passwordresettool - password reset tool for Plone
  20. zope-ploneerrorreporting - error reporting tool for the Plone
  21. zope-ploneformgen - A generic Plone form generator
  22. zope-plonelanguagetool - language manager and handler for plone
  23. zope-plonepas - PluggableAuthService adapter for Plone
  24. zope-plonetestcase - unit testing framework and test case for Plone
  25. zope-plonetranslations - translation files for plone 2.5
  26. zope-resourceregistries - zope registry for linked stylesheet files and javascripts
  27. zope-securemailhost - secure MailHost reimplementation for zope
  28. zope-statusmessages - status messages handler for Zope and Plone sites
  29. zope-zwiki - WikiWikiWeb implementation for Zope

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