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Posted by Anonymous on Tue 14th Apr 02:51
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  1. [18:02] <kyprioth> Meh, I'm just bored mostly.
  2. [18:02] <kyprioth> I haven't seen you guys come up with a better topic. (Though it wouldn't be hard I'm sure)
  3. [18:02] <weenog> silence is okay at times :P
  4. [18:03] <Maryeladrien> no...I'll have topics of conversation tomorrow more than likely
  5. [18:03] <weenog> but how much thought have you put into spells known?
  6. [18:04] <Maryeladrien> either I'll be...pleased to be in a normal cast so I can take something close to a shower or will be annoyed at my leg not healing as quickly as I would like
  7. [18:04] <kyprioth> I'm not sure, but I was thinking the other way of how spells would be explained scientifically.
  8. [18:04] <weenog> hopefully the former
  9. [18:05] <weenog> and, thinking of how to pseudoscience explain spells might be an interesting time killer, but figuring out what you'll want on your spells known list is more useful for you
  10. [18:05] <kyprioth> Indeed. I should do that again. (I did it at some point, but lost it on the os change)
  11. [18:05] <Maryeladrien> kyp...the quote "a wizard did it" is around for a reason lol
  12. [18:06] <Maryeladrien> but that could get interesting
  13. [18:06] <weenog> maybe once you've got it figured again put it somewhere that it won't go missing
  14. [18:07] <weenog> for example, emailing it to yourself
  15. [18:07] <weenog> even if the computer is physically destroyed it'll be in your inbox and you can grab it from a different box
  16. [18:07] <kyprioth> No no, it'd work like magnetism. Your body simply sends signals to the atoms in order for them to do what you want them to. Cleric spells aren't actually affected by "god", they're just more likely to send /that/ kind of signals.
  17. [18:07] <weenog> ...
  18. [18:07] <weenog> that's NOT like magnetism at all
  19. [18:08] <weenog> even Magneto thinks that's retarded and he's got nothing to do with magnetism either :D
  20. [18:08] <kyprioth> Well then, my teacher lied. But then if they don't send signals, how do things should know that they should be affected by it?
  21. [18:09] <weenog> why are you phrasing this in terms of awareness and obedience?
  22. [18:09] <weenog> are we having a problem with different native languages and losing something in translation?
  23. [18:10] <Maryeladrien> hmmm...I'm actually getting sharpish pains at the break point of my bone
  24. [18:10] <Maryeladrien> strange
  25. [18:10] <weenog> that's not good... that is screwed together already right?
  26. [18:10] <kyprioth> No no, this was my grade 12 physics teacher, here. That's how he explained it.
  27. [18:10] <Maryeladrien> yup, screwed in
  28. [18:10] <kyprioth> Because that's the way it was explained to me. I mean, doesn't it seem weird to you that a force will affect something without actually touching it?
  29. [18:11] <Maryeladrien> would rate like a 1.5 on the pain scale, so nothing terrible...but enough to make me look at my ankle and go "hmm...thats different"
  30. [18:11] <weenog> significantly less strange than attributing it to orders and obedience from inanimate objects
  31. [18:12] <weenog> you sure that class was physics and not voodoo?
  32. [18:12] <kyprioth> I am quite sure.
  33. [18:13] <Maryeladrien> and kyp.....I'm....not even sure where to start with that
  34. [18:13] <weenog> yeah, I'm trying to think of some way to continue this discussion but I find myself completely flummoxed
  35. [18:17] <weenog> man, you should see if you can refine that into a weapon
  36. [18:17] <weenog> say or do something so completely fucked up that an enemy or even LSN himself is bewildered into inaction
  37. [18:18] <kyprioth> lol, just call me red mage
  38. [18:20] <weenog> sorry 'bout the retard comment by the way, don't mean to be directly insulting, but what you said was just so divorced from any concept of reality I'm familiar with that dismissing it in its entirety seemed the only option
  39. [18:21] <weenog> kind of equivalent to saying your foot will hurt if you raise a bowling ball to chest level and then release it because bowling balls are afraid of heights and hate feet
  40. [18:22] <kyprioth> I'm very guillable and it was my favorite teacher who told us this, so I assume it as true.
  41. [18:22] <kyprioth> assumed*
  42. [18:22] <kyprioth> Plus, it does make sense in some way. I mean, things don't just move, they've gotta know somehow.
  43. [18:22] <weenog> okay, well, just as a rule of thumb, try to keep in mind that things that aren't alive, aren't alive
  44. [18:23] <weenog> no, they don't, there is no knowledge there
  45. [18:24] <kyprioth> It's just hard to explain it without personification.
  46. [18:26] <weenog> metaphors can be useful for very quick and dirty explanations but you have big problems when they're taken as literal fact rather than metaphors
  47. [18:26] <kyprioth> Indeed.
  48. [18:28] <kyprioth> Eitherway, I'm off to work. I'll continue being confusing when I return.
  49. [18:29] <weenog> could you tone the confusing down about 2-3 notches?
  50. [18:29] <-- kyprioth has left this server (Client exited).

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