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Posted by Anonymous on Sat 14th Feb 01:21
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  1. I think the points that need to be stressed are that
  3. 1) It makes little sense for a character to intentionally hurt his chances of survival. The extension of this is that it is sensible to increase those chances of survival.
  5. 2) No matter how much angst you pour into your backstory, you want to succeed.
  7. 3) To use the example from the OP, it makes little sense to gravitate towards a profession that you will suck at, because it hurts your chances of success.
  10. Normally, I try to avoid this sort of conflict entirely. I don't offer advice unless it's requested or doom will be incurred if I don't, and I keep my character fairly simple.
  12. However.
  14. When new players join our campaigns, ones who have never played D&D before, the issues may arise. I'm usually the one who helps them out with character creation. I get lots of comments about this sort of thing from the self-styled "real roleplayers" at the table.
  16. So I take the new guy aside, and I tell him, "No matter how detailed your backstory, there are times that will arise where you don't need three pages on your mannerisms. What you will need is the ability to become a two-weapon fighting blender, the ability to stop time, or the ability to at least hit someone's AC. Don't let someone else persuade you to cut off your own foot."
  18. For the record, it works nine times out of ten. *
  20. *That is to say, it's worked all nine times so far.

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