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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 16th Jan 08:28
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  1. Conjazmynabryte
  2. Wyrm Brass Dragon
  3.      In the center of a great desert, a narrow pillar rises impossibly high into the sky, a remnant of or monument to some long-lost civilization.  High on its apex, Conjazmynabryte basks in the hot desert sun and bathes in the cool night air.  Among nearby communities, legend holds that she will answer any question put to her by someone who climbs the pillar to reach her, but she attacks anyone who flies to the height.
  4.      She has lost much of the love of conversation she had in her youth, mainly because she is tired of answering insipid questions from idiots who happen to be strong enough to scale the pillar.  She no longer couches unpleasant truths in soft language, instead being painfully blunt with advice and criticism, in an attempt to bring any conversation to a hasty end.  The only thing known to have brought her down from her pillar-lair is the sight of a blue dragon entering her territory.  Most blues know better.

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