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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 28th Dec 10:00
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  1. [01:41] <Prrrline> wb, guys
  2. [01:41] <lawless> Fair warning, I am not a wholesome individual.
  3. [01:41] <Prrrline> what is wholesome?
  4. [01:41] <lawless> True.
  5. [01:41] <Prrrline> what are you "not", lawless?
  6. [01:41] <lawless> You me out here Shaggs.
  7. [01:41] * Prrrline is often far more practical that is expected by others....
  8. [01:41] <lawless> I don't....I swear a lot, for one. I try to keep a leash on it around little ones but...
  9. [01:41] <ShaggyShaggs> he's a redneck except he's not stupid and his bigotry is under control
  10. [01:41] <ShaggyShaggs> he fights, he spits, he cusses, you know
  11. [01:42] <ShaggyShaggs> and he doesn't get along terribly well with Christians but that's mostly because they tend to be my way or the highway types
  12. [01:43] * Kyprioth is assuming that's the right command
  13. [01:43] * Kyprioth is right
  14. [01:43] <ShaggyShaggs> he's coarse
  15. [01:43] <Kyprioth> heh, so?
  16. [01:43] <ShaggyShaggs> good enough, lawless?
  17. [01:44] <ShaggyShaggs> I think that response to my annoyance with pander was a good illustration of his attitude
  18. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:09] <ShaggyShaggs> you'd probably not get ripped into like pander did
  19. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:09] <ShaggyShaggs> stupid pander
  20. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:09] <lawless> I mean...I's hard to explain. But I have caught myself thinking "fucking wetbacks" on occasion.
  21. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:10] <ShaggyShaggs> folks were talking about this last night, pander was one of 'em, he's a law geek and could be useful for that, but a different legal expert will probably be found
  22. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:10] <lawless> And who's pander?
  23. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:11] <ShaggyShaggs> guy gets all squeamish talking about necessities like waste disposal and coping with women's monthly issues, looks down on things like food prep and cleaning as women's work, you know, the sort of person that is completely fucking useless starting a community in the wilderness from nothing
  24. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:11] <lawless> Yeah. He's no good.
  25. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:11] <lawless> Or, you could bring him and let me show him some "men's work". heh
  26. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:12] <ShaggyShaggs> haha
  27. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> [22:13] <lawless> "What you need to do here is start at it's anus, and cut all the up to it's chest. Good. Now just reach in there and pull out all them guts. Watch it..don't bust the...yeah..that'd be deer shit."
  28. [01:45] <Kyprioth> lol
  29. [01:45] <ShaggyShaggs> came up when we were discussing openmindedness
  30. [01:46] <Kyprioth> ah
  31. [01:46] <Kyprioth> hehe, I've seen my friend's mom do that with a hare
  32. [01:46] <ShaggyShaggs> I think everyone who's in an area where there's racial tension occasionally thinks racist thoughts, but, he can rein it in at least, and he's got perhaps an unconventional idea on how to deal with people like pander
  33. [01:46] <Kyprioth> hey, I'm brown and I think racist thoughts
  34. [01:47] <Kyprioth> in fact, I'm just as racist as the next guy
  35. [01:47] <ShaggyShaggs> yeah, but you're not going to piss in prrrline's wheaties for being wiccan or avi's for being french, you know?
  36. [01:47] <Kyprioth> you know, not that much, but I'll still make fun of everyone, including myself
  37. [01:47] <ShaggyShaggs> or give people a hard time for using a little pot or wearing less clothing than normal
  38. [01:47] <Kyprioth> ah yes, not in seriousness, I wouldn't
  39. [01:47] <ShaggyShaggs> you can get along with folks that do things differently, and that's the important thing for such a project
  40. [01:48] <Kyprioth> I would do it jokingly maybe, but that's if I'm in a bad mood in the first place, or if I'm with people like that
  41. [01:49] <ShaggyShaggs> fair enough
  42. [01:49] <ShaggyShaggs> lawless, think that's enough explanation?
  43. [01:50] [CTCP] Sending CTCP-PING request to lawless.
  44. [01:50] <ShaggyShaggs> hmmm, that ain't good, he's not responding to ping

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