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Posted by Prrrline on Sun 28th Dec 06:32 (modification of post by view diff)
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  1. [21:26] <lawless> What are we talking about?
  2. [21:26] <ShaggyShaggs> a small-scale self-sustaining geek community
  3. [21:27] <lawless> I wanna go.
  4. [21:27] <lawless> heh
  5. [21:27] <ShaggyShaggs> heh, you might be useful, there aren't a whole lot of hunting geeks
  6. [21:29] <YFNH> Heh, teach some of those arcade geeks how to shoot a real gun.
  7. [21:29] <YFNH> :P
  8. [21:29] <lawless> Hah
  9. [21:29] <ShaggyShaggs> bullets wouldn't be terribly popular though, methinks
  10. [21:29] <lawless> Eh?
  11. [21:30] <ShaggyShaggs> well, while the idea isn't to have a completely isolated and closed community, it is hoped that most of the community's energy and material resources will be self-produced and/or collected
  12. [21:30] <YFNH> Yeah.
  13. [21:30] <YFNH> So bow and arrow it is.
  14. [21:30] <ShaggyShaggs> easier to create and replace bows and arrows, spears and such than bullets, you know?
  15. [21:30] <lawless> Eh...
  16. [21:30] <lawless> I dunno about that.
  17. [21:30] <ShaggyShaggs> I doubt guns would be banned, though
  18. [21:30] <ShaggyShaggs> but they're less sustainable for a small-scale community than lower tech options
  19. [21:31] <YFNH> So, BYOB.
  20. [21:31] <YFNH> Bring your own bullets.
  21. [21:31] <ShaggyShaggs> heh
  22. [21:31] <lawless> I'll reload 'em.
  23. [21:31] <ShaggyShaggs> well there you go, then
  24. [21:31] <lawless> Bows and arrows are not easy to create or hunt with.
  25. [21:31] <lawless> It'd be a huge time sink for little gain.
  26. [21:32] <ShaggyShaggs> well, knowing that kind of stuff is useful, mang :P
  27. [21:32] <lawless> Gun powder and lead is relatively cheap. If time = money, then buying bullets would be much cheaper.
  28. [21:32] <ShaggyShaggs> what about spear and atlatl?
  29. [21:32] <ShaggyShaggs> or trapping?
  30. [21:33] <lawless> Trapping would be best.
  31. [21:33] <ShaggyShaggs> you know how to do that on short notice with minimal materials?
  32. [21:33] <lawless> But I'd probably be the only one if the skills to get close enough to use a bow or spear and I'm shit with a bow.
  33. [21:33] <lawless> Affirmative.
  34. [21:34] <ShaggyShaggs> well there you go
  35. [21:34] <lawless> Who do you think you're talking to?
  36. [21:34] <lawless> :p
  37. [21:34] <ShaggyShaggs> well, that'd certainly be a useful skill and activity to contribute
  38. [21:36] <lawless> Hell, I'm ready to go right now. My ALICE pack already has everything I need in it. Grab that and my FAK and throw my boots on and I'm good to go. heh
  39. [21:37] <ShaggyShaggs> good, though it's probably a long way off
  40. [21:38] <ShaggyShaggs> you able to teach?
  41. [21:38] <ShaggyShaggs> one thing that's come up a lot is the need for redundant knowledge
  42. [21:38] <ShaggyShaggs> it'd suck if, say, the only medical geek in the community got sick or injured to incapacitation and hadn't shared that knowledge around to others
  43. [21:44] <ShaggyShaggs> so, you able to effectively share your trapping/hunting knowledge to apprentice types?
  44. [21:44] <lawless> Sure.
  45. [21:44] <ShaggyShaggs> could be quite useful indeed, then
  46. [21:44] <ShaggyShaggs> what about relocating?
  47. [21:44] <lawless> To where?
  48. [21:45] <lawless> Keep in mind, if the terrain is much different than what I'm used to, I'll be less effective.
  49. [21:46] <ShaggyShaggs> plans may change depending on practicality but the idea at this point is to do it in BC... it's temperate, good for growing things (apparently a large portion of the world's fruit supply comes from there), plenty of space available, and there seems to be an abundance of available wind and water power (and solar in the summer) for folks willing to build the devices to utilize it
  50. [21:46] <lawless> If you're serious, you might take a look at the Foxfire series of books.
  51. [21:46] <lawless> BC?
  52. [21:47] <ShaggyShaggs> british columbia in Canada
  53. [21:47] <lawless> Ah.
  54. [21:48] <lawless> You got anyone that knows about canning veggies and such?
  55. [21:48] <ShaggyShaggs> I'm uncertain
  56. [21:49] <lawless> That'd be useful.
  57. [21:49] <ShaggyShaggs> oh, handy, the one who came up with the idea in the first place is knowledgeable in that area
  58. [21:51] <munin> Canning is easy.
  59. [21:52] <munin> Just requires you have a shit-ton of bottles.
  60. [21:52] <ShaggyShaggs> so's soldering if you know what you're doing
  63. [21:52] <ShaggyShaggs> if you don't, god help you
  64. [22:01] <lawless> Hah
  65. [22:02] <lawless> Well, make sure everyone is ok with a redneck wanna-be soldier tagging along. heh
  66. [22:02] <ShaggyShaggs> well, saying it like that might not go over too well, but it could work
  67. [22:03] <ShaggyShaggs> the big things seem to be being a geek, WANTING to be there, your presence being a net gain for the community, and openmindedness about different sorts of people and activities
  68. [22:04] <ShaggyShaggs> and "redneck" does tend to have a bit of a bigot connotation, even though not all of 'em are like that
  69. [22:07] <lawless> Well, I admit I'm probably a little racist.
  70. [22:08] <lawless> I'm not proud of it but there it is.
  71. [22:08] <ShaggyShaggs> well, are you able to stow it when necessary?
  72. [22:09] <lawless> Of course.
  73. [22:09] <ShaggyShaggs> well there you go
  74. [22:09] <ShaggyShaggs> you'd probably not get ripped into like pander did
  75. [22:09] <ShaggyShaggs> stupid pander
  76. [22:09] <lawless> I mean...I's hard to explain. But I have caught myself thinking "fucking wetbacks" on occasion.
  77. [22:10] <ShaggyShaggs> folks were talking about this last night, pander was one of 'em, he's a law geek and could be useful for that, but a different legal expert will probably be found
  78. [22:10] <lawless> And who's pander?
  79. [22:11] <ShaggyShaggs> guy gets all squeamish talking about necessities like waste disposal and coping with women's monthly issues, looks down on things like food prep and cleaning as women's work, you know, the sort of person that is completely fucking useless starting a community in the wilderness from nothing
  80. [22:11] <lawless> Yeah. He's no good.
  81. [22:11] <lawless> Or, you could bring him and let me show him some "men's work". heh
  82. [22:12] <ShaggyShaggs> haha
  83. [22:13] <lawless> "What you need to do here is start at it's anus, and cut all the up to it's chest. Good. Now just reach in there and pull out all them guts. Watch it..don't bust the...yeah..that'd be deer shit."
  84. [22:13] <ShaggyShaggs> being bright is a good thing, no doubt about it, but if you're not willing to get your hands dirty and work up a sweat and some good blisters, you're not likely all that useful
  85. [22:13] <ShaggyShaggs> maybe if you're a fountain of practical knowledge, you can be useful without labouring, but if all you're good for is being a legal expert and a pain in the ass, bye
  86. [22:14] <lawless> Yah.
  87. [22:14] <ShaggyShaggs> I think you'd be really useful for the project if it gets off the ground and you're interested and able to get there
  88. [22:14] <lawless> Yeah. I'm not good for much in a civilized society.
  89. [22:15] <ShaggyShaggs> well, I think we're looking at semi-civilized, but it's kinda difficult for me to explain... I gotta get you talking to prrr sooner or later
  90. [22:15] <lawless> I mean like...corporate america.
  91. [22:15] <ShaggyShaggs> oh yeah, FAR different from that
  92. hello

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