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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 4th Dec 03:47
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  1. Holy Shit
  3. Level: Any 0
  4. Range: 500 ft radius centered on you
  5. Targets: All within range
  6. Duration: Instantaneous
  7. Saving Throw: None
  8. This power does not appear in the power list above but may be used by any character class nonetheless (do not reveal this to anyone, read below for more details).  When used, this power calls forth a blazing light to extend from you in all directions that instantly causes all enemies within range to catch fire and begin to burn from the inside out.  In the last moments before they go unconscious from agonizing pain, the fire suddenly goes out, leaving all affected creatures stunned, confused, paralyzed, and insane.  There is a moment of brief silence then suddenly the eyes of the target pop out of their sockets, tongues implode and ear drums explode simultaneously, leaving them blind, deaf, and dumb.  Then as the quivering blobs of mutilated flesh can stand it no more, they all explode in a brilliant shower of small chunks of guts and blood.
  9.         The one draw back to this power is that the GM cannot know about its existence before you use it.  If the GM is aware of this power, it already has no effect.  This power is a real power in the game if used in accordance to this one rule.  Also, characters who successfully use this power may also permanently increase any ability score they wish by 1 point.

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