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Posted by Frymaster on Wed 19th Nov 15:15 (modification of post by Frymaster view diff)
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  1. for i in `seq 9000 9012`; \
  2. do echo -e "PASS swordfish\nstatus" \
  3. | nc -q 1 localhost $i 2>/dev/null \
  4. | egrep -m 1 "^players : [0-9] humans, [0-9] bots \([0-9] max\) \((not )?hibernating\)" \
  5. | sed -r "s/^players : ([0-9]) humans, [0-9] bots \([0-9] max\) \((not )?hibernating\).*$/\1/"; done \
  6. | awk 'BEGIN {total=0} {total +=$1} END {print total}'
  8. This boils down to:
  9. - Loop through netconport ports (change to suit)
  10. - For each port, we want to issue the PASS command with appropriate password (no that's not our real password, this time :P ), and then the status command (alter password to suit; if not using passwords, remove everything except status)
  11. - Use netcat to push that command to the server (change localhost to your server's IP if you're not running this locally), close the connection after 1 second, and silently redirect errors to the bit bucket (like if there's nothing listening on that port)
  12. - Find the line containing the number of players
  13. - Alter that line to _only_ display the number of players and nothing else
  14. - After looping through all servers, total up the numbers
  16. or, if all on one line:
  18. for i in `seq 9000 9012`; do echo -e "PASS swordfish\nstatus" | nc -q 1 localhost $i 2>/dev/null | egrep -m 1 "^players : [0-9] humans, [0-9] bots \([0-9] max\) \((not )?hibernating\)" | sed -r "s/^players : ([0-9]) humans, [0-9] bots \([0-9] max\) \((not )?hibernating\).*$/\1/"; done | awk 'BEGIN {total=0} {total +=$1} END {print total}'

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