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Posted by Anonymous on Sat 8th Nov 17:15
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  1.         For them the world of twenty thousand years was overthrown.  In the kennels, swollen-tongued, they lay dead of thirst -- pointers, collies, poodles, toy pekinese, tall hounds.  The luckier ones, not confined, wandered loose through city and countryside; drinking at the streams, at the fountains, at the gold-fish ponds; hunting here and there for what they might find for eating -- scurrying after a hen, picking up a squirrel in the park.  And gradually, the pangs of hunger breaking down the long centuries of civilization, they drew closer to where the unburied corpses lay.
  2.         Now no longer would Best-of-Breed go for stance, and shape of head, and markings.  Now Champion Golden Lad of Piedmont IV no longer outranked the worst mongrel of the alley.  The prize, which was life itself, would go to the one of keenest brain, staunchest limb, and strongest jaw, who could best shape himself to meet the new ways and who in the old competition of the wilderness could win the means of life.
  3.         Peaches, the honey-colored spaniel, sat disconsolate, growing weaker with hunger, too stupid to live by craft, too short-legged to live by pursuit of prey. . . .Spot, the children's mongrel pet, had the luck to find a litter of kittens and kill them, not for fun but for food. . . .Ned, the wire-haired terrier, who had always enjoyed being on his own and was by nature a tramp, managed to get along fairly well. . . .Bridget, the red setter, shivered and trembled, and now and then howled faintly with a howl that was scarcely more than a moan; her gentle spirit found no will to live in a world without master or mistress to love.

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