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Posted by Frymaster on Thu 6th Nov 01:44
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  1. Linux dedicated server changes for Left4Dead
  3. There have been many changes, enhancements, and optimizations with the dedicated server for Linux:
  5. * All of the code is now being compiled with gcc 4.3.0 and glibc 2.8-8
  6.   in order to take advantage of compiler fixes and optimization
  7.   enhancements. In order to run the l4d Linux dedicated server, you
  8.   will need a system which can run binaries built against this version
  9.   of glibc.
  11. * As a performance enhancement, the dedicated server can now use the
  12.   hardware "RDTSC" timer instead of gettimeofday() for its internal
  13.   timing, on systems which support it ( such systems are identified by
  14.   having the "constant_tsc" flag set in /proc/cpuinfo ). When the code
  15.   detects that the system has this, it will execute a benchmark to
  16.   measure the actual rate of the hardware timer, and use this for all
  17.   timing. If this causes trouble on a system, you can set the
  18.   environment variable "RDTSC_FREQUENCY" to "disabled".
  20. * The Linux dedicated server is now capable of running multiple
  21.   server instances as sub-processes off of one parent process. This
  22.   provides a memory savings (through sharing of read-only data), a
  23.   speedup when starting multiple servers, and also enhances server
  24.   stability by having the servers restart as new sub-processes after
  25.   each game is completed. This is controlled by the "-fork n" option.
  26.   For instance, you can run "srcds_run -fork 5" to start up 5 separate
  27.   server instances in this mode.
  29. * When -fork mode is enabled, some options on the command line can be
  30.   parametrized based upon the server instance, by typing '##' on the
  31.   launching line. For instance, "-fork 10 -netconport 90##" would
  32.   cause the first server instance to use port 9001, the second to use
  33.   9002, etc.
  36. * There is a new remote access feature which allows a server
  37.   administrator (or tool) to create a persistent connection to a
  38.   running server, and to see its entire console output and send it
  39.   commands. This feature is enabled by using the "-netconport" option
  40.   when launching srcds_i486. For instance, if a server is started with
  41.   "-netconport 9000", someone with access to port 9000 of the server
  42.   could type "telnet xxxx 9000" and view the console output. This
  43.   feature is disabled by default, and should only be used when an
  44.   appropriate firewall/tunnel is used to control access to this
  45.   port. Multiple clients can connect to the netconport of a running
  46.   server at the same time.
  48. * If the netconsole is enabled, and the option "-netconpassword xxx"
  49.   is set, the network console will not execute commands received
  50.   through the netconport until the command "PASS xxx" is entered.
  52. - Chris Green
  55. Left 4 Dead will use the new matchmaking system we've been working on.
  57. The new matchmaking system replaces the traditional server browser.  By running a public dedicated server your server will be added to a list of servers available for clients to use when playing.  Games are started from a Game Lobby by clients, who are then connected to a dedicated server when they start the game.  When they're done, your server is added back to the list of available servers.  Clients will be able to "Quick Match", "Play Online", and "Play With Friends" when they want to play a game.
  59. You will still have access to the traditional Message of the Day for your server.  For Left 4 Dead, we've added a banner ad you can create that will be displayed to clients when they're playing on your server.  There is also a ranking system to show the popularity of your server.
  61. This is the first version of what we've been working on, and we're going to want feedback from all of you once things start turning up tomorrow.
  63. -Eric

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