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Posted by Frymaster on Wed 5th Nov 14:42 (modification of post by Frymaster view diff)
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  1. # Global maildrop filter file
  2. # This goes in /etc/courier/maildroprc
  4. logfile "/var/log/maildrop/maildroprc.log"
  6. #These environment variables are passed onto the checking script to help it work out where to check
  7. LH_DOMAIN=$1
  8. LH_USER=$2
  10. #Check for mailbox existence, and correct if necessary
  11. FOO=`/usr/local/bin/checkmailbox`
  13. #This tells maildrop where to delivery mail - to the home directory of the mail user
  14. DEFAULT="$HOME/$1/$2"
  16. #Include user's filters (mail delivery will fail if this does not exist - checkmailbox should take care of this)
  17. #Remove this line if you don't intend to have user-level filtering
  18. include "$DEFAULT/mailfilter"

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