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Posted by Frymaster on Fri 24th Oct 01:38 (modification of post by fruitbat view diff)
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  1. Hi,
  3. The Napier student email box has a size limit of 20 megabytes.  You sent out a 3 megabyte email (15% of the entire amount allotted to us) consisting of a ludicrously oversized bitmap image (probably the least appropriate file format in this situation) 2 megabytes in size, and over 1 megabyte of text (mainly the ridiculous and totally unnecessary email header, as can be seen below).  Furthermore, you neglected to provide your email with a subject, meaning I had to attempt to read it to discover the topic.  Your email is so malformed it took my browser over a minute to display.
  5. You sent a 3 megabyte email to 3,944 students (from my email; you may have sent others as well) which is potentially up to 12 gigabytes of file storage used, and your email is against the personal information security policy of Napier University (9.10: Do not unnecessarily send excessively large electronic email messages or attachments - )
  7. If you are going to send emails to the entire university you should:
  9. -       Not send over-large pictures in the most inappropriate format possible
  10. -       Learn to use BCC to avoid displaying all the names in every email
  12. Furthermore, I have no interest in quack medicine, so please do not include me in your spam mails again.
  14. Thanks in advance,
  15. Philip Cass

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