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Posted by fruitbat on Fri 24th Oct 01:35
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  1. Hello,
  3. It would be really nice if you could think about what you're doing before you send a poorly formatted 3MB email (over 10% of a students alloted space for email). Bitmaps are not a suitable format for images that are sent across the web, an equivalent jpeg would be around 100k (MS Paint can save in jpeg format, I'll provide detailed instructions upon request), not to mention the asinineness of the picture in question.
  4. Apart from the very large image, you've sent the email to over 3000 people by specifying them individually, it is for this reason that Group Emails exist.
  6. Finally, I would like you to remove me from your mailing list completely as I don't approve of Herbal "medicine", nevermind the large amount of annoyance that your poorly thought out email has caused me.

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