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Posted by frymaster on Thu 16th Oct 16:16
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  1. Hi,
  3. Our server was due to expire on the 21st of September and we were supposed to get a 6 week extension, so by our reckoning the server should be turned off on November the 2nd.
  5. As regards the cancellation, we have many reasons.  We were not especially confident with the uptime and support of the old server and were already looking around for other deals when you took over Honor Guard.  Your prices are substantially higher than Honor Guard's, meaning we would not be able to upgrade our server this year had we stayed with you, and your hard drive sizes are significantly smaller (they are high-speed raptors, but the speed increase is not relevant to us)
  7. In the end, we went with a Dutch provider, with slightly higher pings but vastly reduced prices as hosting costs are lower there, more because of your high prices than their low prices, if you see what I mean.
  9. One other point.  We had already decided to move, so it had no effect on our decision, but the server we were switched to a few weeks back, which has a much better processor than our old machine, performs significantly worse.  We believe this is due to the rather old motherboard (VIA chipset) and would not have wanted to keep using this machine in any case.  I suggest you look into what motherboards you are supplying as the difference was striking and you cannot be getting the best use out of your processors.

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