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Posted by Anonymous on Sat 11th Oct 03:54
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  1. [14:32] <ShaggyShaggs> man, I was tempted to smack the shit out of my sister, this morning
  2. [14:32] <lawless> For what?
  3. [14:33] <ShaggyShaggs> I got up around 4am, house smells like italian food, come down and there's spaghetti, garlic bread, nobody's home
  4. [14:33] <ShaggyShaggs> I leave it alone
  5. [14:33] <ShaggyShaggs> Abigail and Evin come in a little after 6, laden with crap from a wal-mart trip, and Abigail asks if I ate any of the food, then insists I do when I say I haven't eaten anything
  6. [14:34] <ShaggyShaggs> I'm playing video games at the time so I don't want to do anything messy, I just warm up some hot dogs and make something like a sandwich with the garlic bread
  7. [14:34] <lawless> Nice
  8. [14:34] <ShaggyShaggs> and Abigail freaks out at me for eating the bread like that rather than on its own, alongside spaghetti
  9. [14:34] <fruitbat> heh
  10. [14:35] <ShaggyShaggs> "You just told me to eat the shit, does it really matter how I eat it or what I have with it?!"
  11. [14:35] <ShaggyShaggs> apparently it does
  12. [14:35] <ShaggyShaggs> damned insane woman
  13. [14:35] <fruitbat> s/woman/women/
  14. [14:35] <fruitbat> :P
  15. [14:35] <lawless> Yeah...'
  16. [14:35] <fruitbat> i mostly don't mean that
  17. [14:36] <lawless> I do.
  18. [14:36] <ShaggyShaggs> heh
  19. [14:36] <ShaggyShaggs> I don't think women tend toward insanity by nature any more than men do, I think it's kind of a cultural thing
  20. [14:39] <ShaggyShaggs> the leftovers of what chivalry became, collided with more recent women's rights gains, with ugly results
  21. [14:40] <ShaggyShaggs> treating women lightly combining with women having the right to an opinion
  22. [14:40] <lawless> I really don't see how any of that could have an effect on a woman that wasn't alive to see any of it.
  23. [14:41] <ShaggyShaggs> it's pretty simple really
  24. [14:41] <ShaggyShaggs> the same leftover ridiculousness that leads to ideas like don't hit girls
  25. [14:42] <lawless> -.-
  26. [14:42] <ShaggyShaggs> or guys pay for dates
  27. [14:42] <ShaggyShaggs> that sort of shit
  28. [14:42] <ShaggyShaggs> combined with women being allowed to make decisions and say things
  29. [14:42] <ShaggyShaggs> they don't learn the hard way that with the right to express yourself comes the responsibility to either make sense, or get punched in the head
  30. [14:43] <lawless> Yeah, ok. That makes sense.
  31. [14:43] <fruitbat> heh
  32. [14:44] <lawless> So you're saying we should stop letting them make decisions and say things.
  33. [14:44] <lawless> I can deal with that. :D
  34. [14:45] <ShaggyShaggs> na
  35. [14:46] <ShaggyShaggs> *nah
  36. [14:46] <ShaggyShaggs> I'm saying their social responsibilities should catch up with their social allowances
  37. [14:47] <ShaggyShaggs> either reduce them back to subhumans and don't expect much of them, or let them make full contributions however they can but don't let it slide when they fuck up
  38. [14:47] <ShaggyShaggs> having it both ways is the main part of the problem, imo
  39. [14:47] <lawless> Yeah. Agreed.

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