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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 29th Sep 13:22
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  1. "I think that using "story" or "roleplay" to restrict characters' class choices (other than those like the paladin that are inseparably tied to certain concepts) is bogus. Classes are metagame tools. They aren't personalities, life stories, straightjackets or anything like that. With few exceptions, they're merely kits of game mechanics you assemble to represent an idea.
  3. If the idea takes one class to adequately represent, great, that's simple and saves a lot of paperwork. If the idea takes parts from five classes to adequately represent, restricting it to assembly from parts of two or three for the sake of "roleplay" is a slap in the face to that which the restricting individual claims to be supporting. The way I see it, if the roleplay of the character is more important than the mechanics, then the mechanics should be shaped around role, rather than the role being squeezed and warped to fit into the limitations of the mechanics.
  5. A long while back I went to the Character Optimization board with a build request, and I ended up with a character build with eight classes -- two base, six prestige. My request wasn't for the most power available short of Pun-Pun, or to heavily focus on one thing so as to be unbeatable in that area, nor was I just looking for the most multiclassed build possible. My request was more along the lines of "My werebear barbarian PC and his redeemed succubus wife have children, how can I assemble a character that demonstrates the capabilities of that mixed heritage, for when the kids grow up into playable characters?" After a lot of discussion a build was worked out: Bard 4/Barbarian 1/Spellsword 1/Dragonslayer 1/Rage Mage 2/Bear Warrior 1/Sublime Chord 1/Eldritch Knight 9. This grants BAB +17/+12/+7/+2, Charisma-based spontaneous casting of a small number of level 1-9 spells on the bard and sorcerer/wizard spell lists, a limited ability to ignore arcane spell failure, limited bardic knowlege, rage, the ability to cast spells while raging, and the ability to transform into a bear while raging, as well as some other minor abilities that aren't so important.
  7. You might look at that class combination and cringe, thinking "What an overcomplicated, unfocused, dipped mess of a class collection." I look at it and think "This is Rachel Lovato, an energetic and outgoing young woman who's a capable warrior. She can draw on the bestial strength passed down from her father David, the compelling presence and magical talents of Seneca her mother, and the fiery temper she inherited from both. She prefers to get by with her cunning and charm, but she's a bit of a tomboy and likes a good brawl more than is proper for a lady. She hasn't seen as much of the multiverse as her parents, but she learned a little about everything from the stories they told her as a child, and it serves Rachel well in her own adventures." (I also think that from a raw power perspective, a single-classed Druid 20 would defeat Rachel easily.)
  9. Would butchering this character down to two or three classes and and losing most if not all of the nods to her parentage - as well as any hope of effectively hybridizing them - make her fit her story better? Or would it reduce her to a mockery of her heritage, making background-based claims she simply can't back up with her capabilities?"

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