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Posted by Willow on Thu 4th Dec 15:32
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  1. Hey Mkkoll,
  3. Firstly thanks for keeping your account of this afternoon's run fairly anonymous, but I will hold my hand up for the benefit of those not at the run and say that I was the Cobalt commander. Before I talk about what happened, I just want to make clear that I always welcome criticism of my runs from any source, and even if I might defend my decisions in a (unintentionally) slightly aggressive way, I do take it on-board and consider what has been said. (That said, I wasn't one of the people who said you should have spoke up during the event if you wanted to raise the issue)
  5. I just want to provide some more information about the run itself from my perspective, for those reading this who weren't present. Cobalt was at the 15-20% point after 3 burns, which means approximately 25-28% of its health per burn. This is nothing special, and being at this point after three burns is generally the standard we aim for. Since I've only just come back from a relatively long break (most of November), I conferred with the two other commanders in the channel as to whether it was ok to decap. We all agreed it would be fine, and I proceeded as such. Since I can be stingy with my praise at times, I would like to add that these two commanders (you know who you are) I trust implicitly when it comes to matters at Cobalt.
  7. When the other wurms were ready for decap, we had the JP spot at Cobalt so I asked the Amber commander to wait until 4:10 to go for the abom - this is because we hadn't done a keg run from the JP that spawn, and I didn't want to take the needless risk of running from there with an untested group in case we missed some kegs. Our keg spot switched to the beach, we grabbed the kegs and started to run them as Amber was spat out. While running these kegs, we had a husk spawn. The 20 kegs were placed smoothly, and the burn started. We gained 20-25 might, and there were plenty of conjure weapons on the ground. At this point, a mesmer opened a portal on top of the conjures, and at least one of the husks walked into the stack and knocked a number of us back. I was distracted by the portal, and I'll admit that I should noticed the husk moving towards us and called for stability - the loss of DPS from that knockback is partly attributable to myself. In hindsight, when the portal was opened, I should have immediately called for people to use Fire Elemental Powders, and this is yet another way that I failed during the decap.
  9. In the end, the wurm became invulnerable again with less than 1% hp remaining. I think the other two commanders would agree that the channel was, perhaps surprisingly, not at all panicked. As soon as the wurm became invulnerable we had a static field, blasted swiftness and legged it to the beach. We came back, got the 20 kegs down and decapped the wurm after about 2 attacks per player - it was that close to death. About 10 seconds were remaining on the event timer at this point, but we had an absolutely flawless phase 2. I only mention this because I want to say what I said in the sub-channel after the kill - the players at Cobalt did a phenomenal job at this spawn, they stayed calm and listened even when it looked like I had completely screwed the event up.
  11. That's my account of the run, which I've purely added so that everybody has the story from both sides of the discussion :P
  13. Onto the actual point raised here now I guess. As I said, I wasn't one of the people who said your criticism was invalid Mkkoll, and I do agree that in this situation my judgement was slightly off. As I also admitted, I could have still decapped in that first burn had my brain been a bit more present, through the use of the Fire Elemental Powders or noticing the incoming husk. This is the closest I've ever come to being the reason a wurm spawn has failed, and trust me when I say that I don't take that lightly. That said, I still don't think a safety burn from 15% is necessary, and I think the majority would agree with me. I also honestly don't believe that my decision was reckless - I conferred with the other commanders who were with me, had seen our group DPS etc and could make an informed judgement about the necessity of an extra burn.
  15. tl;dr
  17. I don't feel the fault here was with the Cobalt players at all, and I can't recall any comments from the after discussion where this was suggested by the other two commanders with me. Maybe I missed it, or maybe there was some misinterpretation from one or both sides here. I fully feel that the need for a second decap burn was on my shoulders, and that had I been more focussed and called for those fire elementals this situation would never have occurred. The troll portal did not help, and without it the decap would have been made with no issue, but I still take the blame on myself for not being focussed enough to work around it.

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