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Posted by frymaster on Thu 10th Apr 18:14
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  1. class MumbleSettings(object):
  2.     """
  3.     Object to hold settings passed to a MumbleClient.
  5.     Settings used by the base client are:
  7.         .hostname defaults to "localhost".  At this time MumbleClient is ipv4 only
  8.         .port defaults to 64738
  9.         .nickname   defaults to "MumblePythonBot"
  10.         .password   defaults to "None"
  11.         .SSLOptions By default a new instance of twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions
  13.     You can assign to a custom instance to provide a client certificate
  14.     and/or verify the server certificate. See the twisted documentation for details
  16.     You can pass in implementation-specific settings in this object.  They will be ignored by the base client.
  17.     """
  19.     def __init__(self):
  20.         """
  21.             Sets defaults for all required options.  These can be altered as required, and implementation-specific
  22.             settings added
  23.         """
  26.         """ defaults to "localhost".  At this time MumbleClient is ipv4 only """
  28.         #: defaults to 64738
  29.         self.port=64738
  31.         self.nickname="MumblePythonBot"
  32.         self.SSLOptions=CertificateOptions()
  33.         self.password=None

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