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Posted by Willow on Mon 3rd Mar 21:46
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  1. Application functionality:
  3. Your application implements a �treasure hunt� game using the touch-points that are deployed on the university campus as waypoints.
  5. Once started, the application has to provide the possibility to scan the QR codes (or the RFID) provided by the touch points, using the tag-id (i.e. the tag Id has a format similar to �52050b4dddd81� which appends a standard URL (i.e. if scanned by a commercial QR code reader, a web page will be called). The tag-ids of the touch points deployed are linked to geo-locations and these can be accessed via APIs provided in the document �Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the Campus Tag (Touch Point) Database� (see file �CCSR_APIs_CampusTags.pdf�).
  7. Your application will open a google map (using the map API in Android) and show the tag location (obtained from the database, as described in the previous paragraph) on that map. In the background, your application will randomly select another tag/location and provide a hint (location/description/etc) to the user to find the next tag. Once the user has found the expected new location, they have to scan the tag, to verify that they have reached the location. The second location will also need to be shown on the map.
  9. This will be repeated three more times until 5 locations have been visited/five tages have been scanned and their location displayed on the map.
  11. Once the fifth location has been mapped, the game stops and the time taken form first to last tag will be displayed on the screen.
  15. Possible extensions:
  17. Take and store location picture at each tag, make available as pop up image when pressing on the pointer/s on the map (i.e. have a picture with timestamp taken at each map-point/tag reached).

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