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Posted by Willow on Tue 14th Jan 17:10
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  1. [16:24] <+MrA> This is what MX earned on Adsense for the last 7 days: £1.04  / £0.89 / £0.38 / £0.94 / £0.77 / £0.73 / £0.52
  2. [16:24] <@TGYoshi> better then nothing
  3. [16:24] <+MrA> Spot the common link? Yup the all start with ZERO :p
  4. [16:24] <@TGYoshi> it's probably because the same users view it constantly
  5. [16:24] <@TGYoshi>  £1.04
  6. [16:24] <@TGYoshi> hah
  7. [16:25] <+MrA> discount outliers
  8. [16:25] <+MrA> :p
  9. [16:25] <+MrA> Its not enough better than nothing to plaster ads all over the site
  10. [16:25] <@TGYoshi> convert it to zimbabwe currency
  11. [16:25] <@TGYoshi> "wow so much!"
  12. [16:26] <@TGYoshi> i don't mind to add some sexy switch if you're sure you can live without them
  13. [16:26] <@TGYoshi> they still add up to the server costs
  14. [16:26] <+MrA> I want to live without them
  15. [16:26] <@TGYoshi> they earn about 1 dollar per day -> ~365 per year
  16. [16:26] <+MrA> I might switch them on in 6 months time
  17. [16:26] <@TGYoshi> afk for a bit
  18. [16:27] <@chuckie> not dollar
  19. [16:27] <@TGYoshi> ye dollar because it's worth more
  20. [16:27] <@TGYoshi> to "remove the zeros"
  21. [16:27] <@chuckie> ...
  22. [16:27] <@chuckie> I dont think you understand how currency works

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