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Posted by Obama on Sun 12th Jan 18:10
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  1. Gun Control by Executive Order 2014
  3.  The White House on Friday announced two new anti-gun
  4. executive actions intended to keep people who have
  5. supposed “mental health issues” from legally obtaining
  6. a firearm - in which was a violation in “Obamacare.”
  8.  Though the Obama regime once again called on
  9. Congress to expand gun-purchase background checks
  10. and make gun trafficking a federal crime, the move
  11. signifies another step toward the issue of mental
  12. health in the gun debate. ... ...
  14.  The dictator has also included $130 million in
  15. his fiscal 2014 budget intended to make it easier
  16. for people, particularly youth and young adults,
  17. to get help for “mental health problems.”
  19.  Civilians who cherish their right to bear arms
  20. best start to avoid being institutionalized by
  21. these mental health programs - which could very
  22. well include psychiatrists or psychotherapists,
  23. after all their goal is to turn our medicare
  24. system into a fascist medical dictatorship.
  27. Authoritarian bootlicking propaganda piece here,

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