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Posted by fruitbat on Tue 21st May 21:52 (modification of post by view diff)
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  1. @ECHO OFF
  2. :start
  3. CHOICE /C 12c /M "Press 1 for Windows XP, 2 for Vista onwards or C for Cancel
  4. IF errorlevel 3 GOTO cancel
  5. IF errorlevel 2 GOTO two
  6. IF errorlevel 1 GOTO one
  7. :cancel
  8. ECHO Operation Cancelled
  9. pause
  10. exit
  11. :two
  12. ECHO Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Data selected
  13. SET Source="G:\Users"
  14. GOTO Folder
  15. :one
  16. ECHO Windows XP Data selected
  17. Set Source="G:\Documents and Settings"
  18. GOTO Folder
  19. :Folder
  20. SET /P Foldername=Please enter Customer name and date:
  21. IF "%Foldername%"=="" GOTO Error
  22. I:
  23. mkdir "%Foldername%"
  24. cd "%Foldername%
  25. ECHO Copy in Progress - Don't close this window!
  26. robocopy %source% "I:\%Foldername%"\Data /MIR /r:1 /w:1 >> result.log
  27. ECHO Copy Complete
  28. type result.log | find "(0x" > error.log
  29. ECHO Error Log will open
  30. FOR %%a IN (error.log) DO (set length==%%a~za)
  31. IF %length% NEQ 0 notepad I:\%foldername%\error.log
  32. GOTO End
  33. GOTO Start
  34. :Error
  35. ECHO You did not enter theCustomer Name, Please try again!
  36. pause
  37. GOTO Folder
  38. :End
  39. ECHO Copying has finished
  40. pause
  41. Exit

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