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Posted by frymaster on Fri 19th Apr 21:19
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  1. #Definition and permissions for the groups
  3. #First, the meta-groups
  4. #These cannot be removed, and you can't define their membership
  5. #Everyone is in "all", and all ops are in "op"
  7. #Priority determines what order permissions are evaluated in
  8. #Lower numbers are evaluated first.  Whichever group gets the last word, wins
  9. #It probably makes sense to give the meta-groups low priority, so your more specific
  10. #groups can override
  11. #If two groups have the same priority behaviour is NOT guaranteed
  12. #If a priority is not specified, 0 will be used
  14. all:
  15.   permissions:
  16.   priority: 50
  18. ops:
  19.   permissions:
  20.   priority: 60
  22. #Use "inherit" to include permissions other groups.
  23. #If you inherit from multiple groups, permissions from them are applied in priotity order
  24. #Set "default: true" to make a default group
  25. #Users are considered members of a default group if they are members of the group
  26. #OR if they are not explicit members of any group
  28. #file sets the filename to use for storing memberships.  You don't need this if
  29. #  the group is only used for defaults or inheriting
  30. #Examples:
  32. guests:
  33.   default: true
  34.   priority: 100
  35.   permissions:
  36.     -
  39. # Possible per-world permissions spec. This allows two ways of defining them
  40. # Firstly, you can define world-specific permission nodes (as per negating the permission below)
  41. # Secondly, you can specify a list of worlds this permission group applies to
  42. # If this list is non-zero, the someone will _ONLY_ be considered a member of the group when in the specified worlds
  44. members:
  45.   priority: 110
  46.   file: members.txt
  47.   permissions:
  48.     -
  49.     - -somePlugin.modPermission
  50.     - specificWorldOne:
  51.       -
  52.   applyTo:
  53.     - specificWorldOne
  54.     - specificWorldTwo
  56. mods:
  57.   priority: 120
  58.   file: mods.txt
  59.   inherit:
  60.     - members
  61.   permissions:
  62.     - bukkit.command.kick
  63.     - somePlugin.modPermission

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