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Posted by Anonymous on Wed 2nd Jan 17:18
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  1. C:\Users\Lykaios\Desktop>mcedit.exe
  2. Running in portable mode. MCEdit-schematics and mcedit.ini are stored alongside
  3. MCEditData
  4. Minecraft_Server.jar storage initialized.
  5. Each server is stored in a subdirectory of C:\Users\Lykaios\Desktop\ServerJarSto
  6. rage named with the server's version number
  7. Cached servers:  []
  8. Loading texture pack Default...
  9. Loading textures from minecraft.jar
  10. Adding idle handler for  <__main__.FileOpener object at 0x0000000004A495C0>
  11. Removing idle handler for  <__main__.FileOpener object at 0x0000000004A495C0>
  12. Adding idle handler for  <leveleditor.LevelEditor object at 0x0000000004A475F8>
  13. [ERROR][971][mcedit]:An unhandled error occured.
  14. Traceback (most recent call last):
  15.   File "", line 967, in main
  16.   File "", line 893, in main
  17.   File "albow\root.pyo", line 106, in run
  18.   File "albow\root.pyo", line 159, in run_modal
  19.   File "albow\widget.pyo", line 730, in gl_draw_all
  20.   File "albow\widget.pyo", line 730, in gl_draw_all
  21.   File "albow\widget.pyo", line 730, in gl_draw_all
  22.   File "albow\widget.pyo", line 730, in gl_draw_all
  23.   File "albow\widget.pyo", line 727, in gl_draw_all
  24.   File "albow\openglwidgets.pyo", line 23, in gl_draw_self
  25.   File "albow\openglwidgets.pyo", line 29, in gl_draw_viewport
  26.   File "leveleditor.pyo", line 1258, in gl_draw
  27.   File "leveleditor.pyo", line 1283, in render
  28.   File "leveleditor.pyo", line 494, in updateBlockFaceUnderCursor
  29.   File "leveleditor.pyo", line 534, in findBlockFaceUnderCursor
  30.   File "pymclevel\infiniteworld.pyo", line 1621, in blockAt
  31. IndexError: invalid index

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