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Posted by frymaster on Mon 31st Dec 01:27 (modification of post by frymaster view diff)
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  1. I posted [a photo album]( (all done in essentially vanilla survival PvE) of some of the buildings on our minecraft map, which was reset this evening.  There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in a copy of the map, and /u/OhMrBigshot/ very generously agreed to mirror it, so /u/frymaster (the server admin) has compressed and uploaded it.
  3. [Link to the file](\* - 3.4GB 7z compressed archive
  5. /u/NomNuggetNom reddit submissions: [1]( [2]( [The album mentioned above](
  7. /u/JustMoose pictures:
  9. /u/JCizzling reddit submissions: [1]( [2]( [3]( and YouTube submissions: [Casa del JC](, [Prank Cleanup](, [Pumpkin Paradise](, [Mooving Day](, and [German Efficiency](
  12. \* For anyone whose file downloader cares, there's a double redirect from that URL to the mirror server to the actual file.  This is so both fry and the hoster have control over the actual location of the file should circumstances change.

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