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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 20th Jan 23:08
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  1. To whom it may concern,
  3. This is a complaint regarding the phone calls I placed on behalf of a business (I’m an outsourced IT Technician so details will be low) regarding a fault with their broadband connection.
  5. This company who had your broadband and telephone service to which they only connect a Security camera system (DVR) that needed to send data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to a security monitoring firm to protect the premises, who since had this service installed a year ago was never working right from the start.
  7. They phoned up reporting faults saying that the Internet connection was always dropping out and you kept telling them that it was their equipment. The security firm came and checked it over said it was your service and in the end it was always going backwards and forwards and never getting resolved. You sent out your telephone engineers (Four!, I might say over a period of time and in which your charged the business for finding no fault and blaming the equipment) in which one time they replaced the line once to which you thought fixed it and it didn’t, and continued to place the blame on the equipment they were using.
  8. Because this problem was getting serious, it started getting to a point where the broadband connection wasn’t even making a sync and in which was leaving the premises open to crime because of no monitoring! I was called to go to this business to try and resolve what the problem with this broadband connection was. I did the standard testing procedures (New ADSL Filter x2, new router, test socket and new cables) to which the fault was still happening.
  10. The first port of call for me was to phone up your fault line to report of faults, but with your automated testing you use you reported it with no fault on the line side. I then got transferred to which I might add that it was cut off during the transfer to your broadband team. I then had to call the broadband support. The guy that was helping me was not helpful at all, he didn’t listen to what I told him and all he cared about was making sure that I got a sync and a connection to the internet. I explained to him at least 5 times that there shouldn’t be ANY ADSL communication being transferred into the phone but he refused to listen and instead said he would transfer me back to the Line department to get a Telephone engineer (The fifth engineer that doesn’t test BROADBAND!) out to which I said “please call be back in 30 minutes after I discussed this with the customer.”
  12. Now this is when it really started to get frustrating.
  14. When I phone up to report a fault with a broadband connection for a customer, I expect one of your trained staff to help out in this situation to resolve the problem. You’re supposed to be a “broadband support” team, but your team rely so much on this so called “Testing equipment” (and to be honest it should just take all your jobs for broadband since you lot rely on it) that it can’t register a simple and clear broadband fault! The second phone call I made to your “broadband support” (which to be honest is a joke), I spent a good 30-45 minutes telling one of your staff that there is a fault and that I expect them to come up with something decent to help sort this problem out.
  16. I told your “broadband support” member that I changed the filters, routers, and cables and tested the test socket and the noise was still there, and she said “maybe it’s your equipment that’s faulty or not combatable.”  To which I said “no, as this stuff is brand new and I know it’s combatable as we use it in hundreds of businesses and homes, yet the fault is still occurring”. She then said “maybe the telephone you’re using isn’t combatable with the splitter?”… Are you guys seriously having a laugh about that? It’s a plain and simple Analogue phone to which most decent technicians know it’s the BEST phone to use to do a quiet line test!
  18. I then brought up a core discussion point that the Line Attenuation is only 7.8db and that the exchange is only two minutes down the road, In my mind with that Attenuation that the line will be short and it should be capable of nearly achieving the full speed of ADSL2+ (24 Meg). But your support member said “that it doesn’t matter since its dependant on the line length and quality”..., I’m sure (If she ever looked at the logs) that she would of seen that the line was replaced and the problem is still occurring! Towards this point I was at the stage of arguing with her because she wasn’t listening to what I was saying. I’m sure that any broadband company knows that if you have a low Line Attenuation then you’re going to get a fast speed.
  20. At this point she was saying that “7Meg is right for that line length and Attenuation”… Well hold on, I got 7Meg broadband at home and that is only achievable with a line attenuation of between 42db and 47db and dependant on quality of the line. I also explained to her that you shouldn’t be hearing ANY ADSL communications being transferred via the phone and yet she also DIDN’T CARE. Your “support” team should well and truly know this since any ADSL communication noise can be knocked off with the use of the telephone if the signals are being transferred to it!
  21. At this point I was beyond the range of caring what your so called “support” member was saying as she was plain right refusing to help, in which she went and put the call on hold and went to speak to someone (unsure of who). She then came back and requested that we can do a Signal to Noise Ratio reset to make the Broadband go back into a Ten Day Training State. I knew that, that won’t do anything to FIX the problem to which I just said after she said “do you want me to do this?” “No don’t bother, just get me your Senior Broadband Manager now since this is a joke” and she said “he will say the same thing” but I just told her to get him and she did.
  23. After being put on hold again and waiting for about five minutes, I had your Senior Broadband Manager on the phone. After about five minutes of discussion and telling him the facts about the Line Attenuation and the noise that I’m hearing on the phone, He said he would call be back in 30 minutes after reviewing the case logs from the previous four call outs from your Telephone Engineers.
  24. Twenty minutes later, your Senior Broadband Manager called back and confirmed that after looking at the four case logs, that he would send out a Broadband Engineer to look at this fault. To which I was thank you for because that Engineer should have been the one to send the second time round to look at the fault, since your Telephone Engineers couldn’t fix the problem.
  26. Many other internet providers, who I use, help out a lot more with different solutions. They listen to the fault that’s given and if what I done hasn’t fixed it (e.g changed filters, routers, cables and so on), they would normally send out a broadband engineer to have a deeper look into the problem, instead of fobbing them, (the customer) off saying it’s your equipment all the time.
  28. The prime example is that if an internet provider who can get a Line length of the broadband line itself, they can tell you what speeds would be acceptable for that given distance. Your team, who supplies the whole of the UK with broadband via BT wholesale and BT Retail itself, should know all this as you have access to all the features that tell you the near enough exact details of what your line is and length!
  29. I would recommend that you lot start listening carefully to what your customers give you as information as to the fault, as your team relies too heavily to the testing equipment to say there is no fault when there is.
  31. This is now several times that when I phone up your broadband support (Home and Business support) for the home and business customers that I look after, that I had to deal with your teams ignorance that there is a fault and yet your team refuses to acknowledge that there is a fault and claims that the testing equipment shows everything is fine.
  33. Regards
  34. David

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