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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 20th Jan 21:00
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  1. Dear BT ,
  2. When I phone up to report a fault with a broadband connection for a business, please don't make your team rely on the testing equipment and say there is no fault when there blatantly is. I had to spend a good 40 -60 minutes arguing with your team to get them to finally send a Broadband Engineer out ,after you guys sent 4 Telephone Engineers when it wasn't needed (and the business got charged for) as the fault was only with the broadband and not the telephone line itself!.
  3. When a broadband line has a Line Attenuation of 7.8db and the exchange is only 2 minutes down the road, that’s enough to nearly give the full line speed of ADSL2+ (24Meg). Saying that 7Mbps is right for that line length and attenuation and that the customer can hear ADSL communications via a phone connected to the splitter is wrong and you guys should know that.
  4. Many other internet providers, who I use, help out a lot more with different solutions. They listen to the fault that’s given and if what I done hasn’t fixed it (e.g changed filters, routers, cables and so on), they would normally send out a broadband engineer to have a deeper look into the problem, instead of fobbing them, (the customer) off saying it’s your equipment all the time. The prime example is that if an internet provider who can get a Line length of the broadband line itself, they can tell you what speeds would be acceptable for that given distance. Your team, who supplies the whole of the UK with broadband via BT wholesale and BT Retail itself, should know all this as you have access to all the features that tell you the near enough exact details of what your line is and length!
  5. I would recommend that you lot start listening carefully to what your customers give you as information as to the fault, as your team relies too heavily to the testing equipment to say there is no fault when there is. This is several times now that when I phone up your broadband support (Home and Business support) for the home and business customers that I look after, that I had to deal with your teams ignorance that there is a fault and yet your team refuses to acknowledge that there is a fault and claims that the testing equipment shows everything is fine.
  6. Regards
  7. David

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