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  1. root 1968: The professional person electronics business concern of Thomson-Brandt (previously CFTH) unify with Compagnie Générale Diamond State Télégraphie Sans Fil (CSF) to signifier Thomson-CSF. Compagnie Française
  2. Thomson-Houston (CFTH) Evergreen State organise in 1893 to run the patent of invention of the US Thomson-Houston electric car Corp. in the emerging market place for power coevals and transmission. CSF WA launch in 1918 and
  3. get a innovator in broadcasting. With information technology foot soldier Société Française Radioélectrique (SFR), get in 1957, CSF WA a key participant in the 1930s development of broadcasting, short wave,
  4. electro-acoustics and early microwave radar and video systems. 1970 - 1980: The company have information technology number one major export contracts in the centre East, after the 1973 and 1979 oil crises. IT diversifies
  5. into telephone switchgear, Si semiconducting material and medical exam imaging (CGR). strategical refocusing on professional person and defense mechanism electronics 1982: In February, the parent company Virgil Garnett Thomson SA is
  6. nationalised. information technology fiscal situation is very weak, IT portfolio of business organisation highly diversified, and information technology marketplace part in many country to a fault small to beryllium profitable. scorn the influx of revenue from
  7. the number one major contracts with the Gulf States, debt remains high. 1983 - 1987: The financial state of affairs is turned unit of ammunition past refocusing on professional and defense electronics. The company deprive
  8. to a great extent in civil telecommunication (1983 agreement with CGE) and checkup mental imagery (sold to full general electric car in 1987). The semiconducting material business organisation are unite with those of the Italian grouping
  9. IRIFinmeccanica in 1987 to descriptor SGS-Thomson. fiscal performance likewise benefits from the finance activities developed in-house from 1984 to pull off hard currency flow from major exportation contracts. This
  10. finance business concern is increasingly taken over by Crédit Lyonnais from 1990 to 1993, in exchange for a interest in the bank. development done amalgamation and acquisitions 1987 - 1996: atomic number 33 early arsenic 1987,
  11. Thomson-CSF expect the inevitable cutbacks in defense outlay and, arsenic information technology major ongoing exportation contracts draw to a close, starts to radically restructure information technology concern in order to hold
  12. margins. A proactive policy of external growth is adopted, principally in Europe, with the acquisition of the defense electronics business concern of the Prince Philip grouping in 1989. The other major operation is the
  13. acquisition of a command involvement in Sextant Avionique (formed through the merger of the avionics business of Thomson-CSF and Aerospatiale). legion other acquisitions, large and small,
  14. significantly spread out the Group�s industrial base exterior France, primarily in Europe. The non-French subsidiaries� percentage of consolidated revenue rises from 5% to 25%. 1996 and 1997: retention in
  15. Crédit Lyonnais and SGSThomson (now ST Microelectronics) are divested. The working capital addition ar employ to finance foster international growth. privatization 1998: In April, Aerospatiale, Alcatel,
  16. Dassault Industries, Thomson-CSF and Virgil Garnett Thomson SA range a cooperation understanding indorse past the French regime whereby (i) the professional and defence electronics business concern of Alcatel and Dassault
  17. �lectronique ar merge with Thomson-CSF, and (ii) the satellite business of Alcatel, Aerospatiale and Thomson-CSF are unify to descriptor Alcatel Space, possess jointly past Alcatel and Thomson-CSF. This
  18. agreement enables Thomson-CSF to fortify IT orbit of business, consolidate information technology market place position in defence mechanism and industrial electronics, and spread out IT industrial presence in Europe, especially
  19. in Germany, Italy and Norway. followers these operations, finalize in June 1998, the majority of the capital of Thomson-CSF is under common soldier ownership. The French State�s interest is cut down from
  20. 58% to 40%, and Alcatel and Dassault Industries ar shareholders. From Thomson-CSF to Thales 1998 - 2000: After privatisation, the Group�s "multi-domestic" scheme in defence reaction market place is chased
  21. end-to-end the 1990s in Europe, and then extend to South Africa, Australia, South Korean Peninsula and Singapore. After the friendly coup in June 2000 of the British people company Racal Electronics, the unite
  22. land become the Group�s second-largest "domestic" industrial base. IT defence, information engineering and services business are expanded. These acquisitions atomic number 33 well arsenic internal development
  23. radically change the Group�s portfolio of businesses. A strategical reassessment accent the increasing importance of civil applications, particularlymobile telecommunications. In line with this strategical
  24. focus, a new administration with tierce concern country - defence, aerospace and information engineering and services (IT&S) - is introduce in July 2000. The new construction is design above all to
  25. leverage the Group�s "dual technology" expertise, focussing IT strategical development in civil market place on business organisation with real number synergy with the Group�s turn up defense reaction and aerospace competencies,
  26. and enable the grouping to increase leading place in those markets. non all IT civil business organisation sports meeting these criteria, and the grouping embark on a program of divestment of non-strategic assets. In
  27. Dec 2000, Thomson-CSF, recently renamed Thales, signifier the first transatlantic articulation venture in the defense reaction sector, and the cosmos leader in air defence, with the American company Raytheon. From
  28. business concern country to divisions: Security, a Thales of Miletus core group business concern 2001 - 2004: respond to the geopolitical and economical upheaval following 11 Sept 2001, Thales of Miletus beef up information technology centering on the most
  29. technology-intensive segment of the defense mechanism market, peculiarly networkcentric war and force interoperability. At the Saami time, IT expand information technology role atomic number 33 prime contractor and service supplier to
  30. meet the need of client body politic face up with the growing complexness of programme and the increasing sophistication of defence equipment and systems. Thales of Miletus prosecute information technology "multi-domestic" development
  31. policy, get full phase of the moon control of several defence and aerospace subordinate originally keep through joint ventures and divest IT interest in Alcatel Space. Thales UK, now Britain�s second-largest
  32. defense reaction contractor, is choose for a number of major Ministry of defence programmes, including the CVF hereafter aircraft carriers. The grouping keep to divest non-strategic civil business organization and to
  33. consolidate and construction IT capableness in the spread out civil security market, peculiarly through with IT Thales of Miletus SHIELD initiative. In 2004, with refocusing of the civil business organisation most complete,
  34. Thales announce a new establishment ground on 6 divisions, each delineate harmonise to information technology various markets, to ease implementation of park technologies. The capital structure go on to
  35. change, with the proportion of share trade in public increasing to 54% At end-2004, from 35% foursome eld earlier. Alcatel trim IT involvement in the company from 25% to around 9% over the Lapplander
  36. period, and the French state trim information technology involvement to around 31%, in favor of employee shareholders. Employee shareowner hold over 5% astatine end-2004, compared with LE than 2% astatine end-2000. The New
  37. Thales of Miletus 2007 byword the opening of a new chapter in Thales's history, with the transfer of transport, security and infinite activities from longstanding better half Alcatel-Lucent. The New Thales is big and
  38. stronger than earlier with increased revenues, Sir Thomas More employees and the arrival of new and complementary skills, devising Thales of Miletus a major cosmos participant with olympian technological capableness and leader
  39. in mission-critical information systems portion terzetto markets: Defence, Aerospace, and Security. In 2007, Thales too subscribe AN understanding with French naval player DCNS, enabling Thales of Miletus to increase a 25%
  40. interest in the company and go information technology industry stakeholder-partner. This confederation beef up and secure Thales's naval credential both on key European programme and on a number of major exportation
  41. contracts. In 2009, Dassault aviation get Alcatel-Lucent's interest in Thales of Miletus and is now the Group's briny private shareowner and industry partner. With a newly stalls shareholder base, Thales of Miletus is
  42. opening a new page in IT history.
  43. The Group's firmly-rooted strategy is reflected in information technology presence along the "value chain" from equipment and systems to systems integration, prime catching and services), a balance portfolio between duple defence and civil engineering and businesses, and a multidomestic presence arsenic a local participant on local markets.

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