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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 7th Aug 21:26
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  1. [21:07:25] [Godsbane] lo
  2. [21:07:29] [Lykaios] hey
  3. [21:07:34] [Lykaios] dont know if its my isp or not
  4. [21:07:47] [Lykaios] but im getting high pings to one of the colo servers nervousenergy hosts
  5. [21:07:55] [Godsbane] im going through linx and im fine
  6. [21:07:58] [Godsbane] do a tracert
  7. [21:08:08] [Lykaios] i am :s 77-100 im getting
  8. [21:08:33] [Godsbane] without tracerts, nothing i can say
  9. [21:09:07] [Lykaios]
  10. [21:10:48] [Godsbane] you also have to do a tracert from us to you
  11. [21:11:55] [Lykaios] getting one from someone atm
  12. [21:12:40] [Lykaios]
  13. [21:13:56] [Godsbane] that's of no use to me
  14. [21:14:03] [Godsbane] it must be the same
  15. [21:14:10] [Godsbane] x to y and y to x
  16. [21:14:46] [Lykaios] the second link is from
  17. [21:15:03] [Lykaios]
  18. [21:15:05] [Lykaios] and thats too it
  19. [21:15:43] [Godsbane] look, i need a tracert from you to kc and from kc to you
  20. [21:16:02] [Lykaios] what.......... i just sent them too you ??
  21. [21:16:45] [Godsbane] i dont know, i cant see the origins?
  22. [21:17:00] ��� Info: [Starfury^] highlighted you in [#be] on [Be]: drsox, didnt Lykaios complain about high pings earlier?>
  23. [21:17:09] [Godsbane] and they are quite hard to read too
  24. [21:17:17] [Godsbane] cant you just use a normal console tracert?
  25. [21:18:03] [Lykaios] doing it again.....
  26. [21:18:51] [Lykaios] this is from the admin of nervousenergy :
  27. [21:19:06] [Lykaios] and this is mine :
  28. [21:20:25] [Godsbane] again, lets take yours for example, i need also the tracert from to you
  29. [21:20:38] [Lykaios] pastebin 1766 shows it!
  30. [21:21:05] [Godsbane] but i asked for a console tracert
  31. [21:22:47] [Lykaios] fry is on irc
  32. [21:22:50] [Lykaios] can you speak to him
  33. [21:23:51] [Godsbane] and first u said only happened to one
  34. [21:24:00] [Godsbane] now you say is 3?
  35. [21:24:09] [Lykaios] its basicly any server hosted by ne
  36. [21:24:22] [Godsbane] i dont know who's ne
  37. [21:25:22] [Lykaios] any server on is showing high pings for me
  38. [21:25:48] [Lykaios] frymaster gave you a tracert and so did i
  39. [21:25:50] [Godsbane] and that's supposed to be one machine or different machines?
  40. [21:25:57] [Lykaios] different machines
  41. [21:26:00] [Godsbane] fry hasnt given me anything
  42. [21:26:15] [Godsbane] and as i said, you first said it was only one and now all of them

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