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Posted by frymaster on Mon 31st Jan 00:48
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  1. /c10t -m 4 -z -n -o output.png --show-warps=hmod/bin/warps.txt --warp-color 255,255,255,255 --ttf-size 24 -w hmod/bin/NE-2011
  3. -m 4                    4 threads (will default to this) - turn this down if doing it during the day
  4. -z                              isometric
  5. -n                            nighttime  (DAYTIME! nighttime....DAYTIME! )
  6. -o output.png            obvious :P
  7. --show-warps=hmod/bin/warps.txt  location of warps file, sticks the names on the image
  8. --warp-color 255,255,255,255        red,green,blue,opacity (the lower the last, the more transparent)
  9. --ttf-size 24            font size, default is half that
  10. -w hmod/bin/NE-2011               location of world
  12. run it with -s stats.txt instead of -o output.png to do a stats list - it'll ignore all the extra parameters
  14. I run mine in a little script and do a copy right after, to copy it into somewhere web-accessible.  I used to also name the images with the date/time and keep loads, but they took too much space

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