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Posted by frymaster on Sat 1st Jan 14:18
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  1. Thank you for your fast and gratifying response.  This just confirms my already high opinion of Amazon customer service, and I have no complaints with your response thus far.  With regards to delivery estimates, however, citylink are quoting an estimated delivery date of the 6th - one day after your latest date, and the third day business day after the order was supposed to have been delivered.  More worrying, they do not appear to know what day of the week that is:
  5. The next Friday the 6th is in 2012... is it possible you asked for next-year delivery by mistake? :D
  7. Again, I don't hold Amazon responsible for citylink's failures, though I _DO_ note that just about every other courier service, while suffering from their problems, seem to have a better minimum standard, and are a lot more accommodating when they make mistakes.
  9. Thanks,
  11. Phil Cass

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