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Posted by lifeless on Thu 18th Nov 15:50
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  1. Guys
  3. Really sorry for the delay in posting this, it seems that there was quite a bit of investigation needed. One of our key links (Akamai) has developed intermittent routing issues, which is causing traffic to shift onto the back up path (which is LINX). This is not a standard BGP issue, Akamai use a automated routing engine which is meant to shift traffic onto the best path for BE. Unfortunately the automated part of this is what’s being affected right now, hence causing these issues. Akamai have acknowledged there is an issue on their side and are currently working to resolve it. We don’t have an estimated fix time, however, we’re receiving regular updates from Akamai and have escalated as high as possible within their organisation. These routing issues can happen anytime during the day and when they do happen it will usually last between 1-4 hours, however, the issues are intermittent and are not always during peak times.
  5. We’re really sorry about this. We understand that your online experience is essential to you, and we are not taking this lying down.
  7. I’ll come back to you with updates as soon as I receive them.
  9. Thanks

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