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Posted by Ex on Wed 11th Aug 17:31
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  1. Notepad++
  3. MySQL Query Browser
  5. Firefox 3.6
  7. IE8
  9. Logobrand Programmer Test
  11. The Bank of Logobrand requires a PHP based over the counter transaction system to allow
  12. payments and withdrawals. There should be a transaction trail showing all transactions.
  14. In addition the bank requires management functionality showing the overall number of
  15. accounts, total balance and average balances held. The ability to see a listing of accounts by
  16. type (business / personal) has also been requested.
  18. As the bank caters to a select group of clients, there will only ever be 1 branch.
  20. The bank has provided its current MySQL database of customers (with anonymised names)
  21. for your use in development and testing. You can add additional tables as required.
  23. You have 2 hours to produce the system.
  25. The bank expects functional software to be delivered in the time allowed with some attention
  26. paid to aesthetic design.
  28. You are permitted reference books and access to the web.
  30. You are not permitted to access your own web/download sites nor are you permitted to use
  31. pre-prepared software code of your own design.
  33. You may use libraries that provide primitive functions that are not directly related
  34. to the banks requirements, e.g. drag and drop, but you may not use libraries that
  35. provide the business functions described above, i.e. transaction provision, reporting.
  37. The following software will be provided for your use:
  39. 1
  41. 2
  43. 3
  45. 4
  47. Development will be performed using a Windows XP pc.
  49. Ensure that your software demonstrates your abilities to use CSS, Javascript and SQL
  50. queries competently.

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