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Posted by frymaster on Wed 14th Apr 23:31
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  1. @1168454751 <Frymaster!> ...but not fried food :p
  2. @1168454752 <Arq!> It's more than rumoured really, apparently the entire "Jim Fix" thing is stolen.
  3. @1168454752 [kea|sleep!] ACTION throws Fry|food into a vat of boiling oil
  4. @1168454752 [Fry|food!] ACTION and his asbestos coating defeats kea|sleep once again
  5. @1168454754 [kea|sleep!] ACTION only grows stronger with the asbestos and so crushes the little fry between her fingers
  6. @1168454754 [Fry|food!] ACTION isn't exactly little, and now kea|sleep has burnt herself on the oil :p
  7. @1168454756 [kea|sleep!] ACTION is wearing a hazmat suit, and is uninjured, and proceeds to crush Fry|food with her bosom
  8. @1168454756 [Fry|food!] ACTION thinks he likes it here... :D
  9. @1168454758 [kea|sleep!] ACTION slaps Fry|food for liking it
  10. @1168454758 [Fry|food!] ACTION cannot be slapped as he is OH|SO|COOL
  11. @1168454760 [kea|sleep!] ACTION notes that Fry|food is actually not that cool and still subject to the laws of slappage.
  12. @1168454760 [Fry|food!] ACTION is above your mortal laws
  13. @1168454762 [kea|sleep!] ACTION is a Goddess and can slap Fry around whenever she wants.
  14. @1168454762 [Fry|food!] ACTION throws AnimeFan into the cone of the volcano to appease the Goddess.
  15. @1168454765 [kea|sleep!] ACTION laughs evilly as the volcano is full of jello and pocky, and the REAL volcano is now under Fry|food!
  16. @1168454765 [Fry|food!] ACTION gets an asbestos surfboard to go with his asbestos coating and prepares to catch serious air
  17. @1168454768 [kea|sleep!] ACTION sticks a cap on the volcano so now even if Fry|food catches this air, he is still trapped in a volcano
  18. @1168454768 [Fry|food!] ACTION uses Kealiki's frosty nature to cool the volcano down
  19. @1168454771 [kea|sleep!] ACTION laughs as now Fry|food is still stuck in an enclosed area that is preparing to explode from cold shock
  20. @1168454771 [Fry|food!] ACTION gets Scotty to beam him up, and from orbit laughs at Kea left all alone in the blast zone
  21. @1168454772 [kea|sleep!] ACTION shoots down the ship and laughs as it crashes to the ground in an exploding ball of fire
  22. @1168454774 [Fry|food!] ACTION beams off again quickly to the other side of the planet, and watches the volcano explode from cold shock with Kea still in situ
  23. @1168454777 [kea|sleep!] ACTION wonders why Fry|food seems to have forgotten already that she is a goddess and thusly is not affected by an explosion of her own making
  24. @1168454777 [Fry|food!] ACTION organises a grass-roots anti-Kea campaign based around the "flowerpot cube" scandal and erodes her followers' belief, leaving her vulnerable to the explosion
  25. @1168454781 [kea|sleep!] ACTION laughs evilly since she never had any followers to begin with! Her powers come from her overinflated ego!
  26. @1168454781 [Fry|food!] ACTION organises a poster campaign featuring Kea's ugly face, reducing her ego to mortal levels
  27. @1168454784 [kea|sleep!] ACTION cries because that was mean, and finds someone to complain to about woman abuse
  28. @1168454784 [Fry|food!] ACTION laughs, and points out that you shouldn't start something you can't finish.
  29. @1168454784 [Fry|food!] ACTION doesn't think this will ever finish though :D
  31. @1168454788 [kea|sleep!] ACTION kicks Fry in the nuts and whistles
  32. @1168454788 [Fry|food!] ACTION moves smoothly out the way

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