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Posted by enef on Fri 5th Mar 22:12
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  1. bind "q" "swap"    // swaps between primary and secondary weapons
  3. // -----------------
  4. // Go To Last weapon
  5. //   --  default 'q' functionality
  6. // =================
  7. alias current_weapon "weapon2"
  8. alias before_swap "save_current_weapon_2"
  9. alias previous_weapon current_weapon
  11. alias save_current_weapon_1 "alias current_weapon weapon1"
  12. alias save_current_weapon_2 "alias current_weapon weapon2"
  13. alias save_current_weapon_3 "alias current_weapon weapon3"
  14. alias save_current_weapon_4 "alias current_weapon weapon4"
  15. alias save_current_weapon_5 "alias current_weapon weapon5"
  17. These two things are in two seperate cfg files. The way my config works is that my autoexec executes the competitive.cfg file which then
  18. in turn execs all the other seperate config files.
  20. eg.
  22. competitive.cfg executes>Binds.cfg (containing the bind "q" "swap") and Weapons.cfg (which contains the explanation of the swap,
  23. aka the alias).
  25. If you can figure out how to do that without the seperate configs, good good. glhf.

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