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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 5th Mar 00:39
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  1. What do you want to zap? [ayN or ?*]
  2. You feel self-knowledgeable...
  3. Current Attributes:
  5. You are the Envoy of Balance.
  6. You are piously aligned.
  7. You are fire resistant.
  8. You are cold resistant.
  9. You are sleep resistant.
  10. You are disintegration-resistant.
  11. You are shock resistant.
  12. You are poison resistant.
  13. You are magic-protected.
  14. You are petrification resistant.
  15. You see invisible.
  16. You are telepathic.
  17. You are invisible to others.
  18. You are stealthy.
  19. You can jump.
  20. You can teleport.
  21. You have teleport control.
  22. You can survive without air.
  23. You have a large bonus to hit.
  24. You are protected.
  25. You are polymorphing.
  26. You have polymorph control.
  27. You are polymorphed into a gargoyle.
  28. You are fast.
  29. You have reflection.
  30. You have free action.
  31.  --More--                           
  32. Your life will be saved.
  33. You are extremely lucky.
  34. You have extra luck.
  35. Good luck does not time out for you.
  36. You can safely pray.
  37. You have been killed once.
  38.  --More--
  39. The feeling subsides.

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