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Posted by frymaster on Sun 28th Feb 16:15
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  1. [Thu 14:09] pedantic_corgi ( joined the channel
  2. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:10] hey faggots
  3. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:10] if you're going to run L4D servers
  4. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:10] don't use fucking global bans
  5. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:10] I keep getting kicked out of my own fucking lobbies because it favors your fucking piece of shit servers
  6. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:12] i'm sure swearing at them will work wonders, but have you considered the unorthodox and innovative technique of a polite request? I hear it can actually work even better than abuse as a problem resolution aid.
  7. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:12] I don't want to be unbanned
  8. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:12] in which case, I don't get your point
  9. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:12] I want you faggot to either don't use TF2 bans on L4D2 and L4D servers
  10. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:12] or take those things down so I don't end up connecting to them
  11. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:12] which would mean you want unbanned
  12. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:13] also, i'm nothing to do with lethalzone, i just idle here
  13. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:13] since this channel is obviously dead, you should probably go to the website
  14. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] you fuckheads have 12 servers near to me?!
  15. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] no wonder I keep connecting to them
  16. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] great
  17. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] what
  18. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] a bunch
  19. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] of
  20. <Phaen> [Thu 14:14] I guess broodje, the one who _probably_ could do something about it is at work, but I'll pas it on.
  21. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:14] BULLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIT
  22. <Phaen> [Thu 14:17] It's not our fault, nor is it our problem that you got banned, this is one of the consequences.
  23. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:17] HUUUUUUUURRRRRRRR
  24. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:17] but don't worry, i'm sure they'll treat your request with the same courtesy they're showing you
  25. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:17] but don't worry, i'm sure they'll treat your request with the same courtesy you're showing them* dammit that'll teach me to try to multitask... :(
  26. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:18] great now I can't host fucking lobbies because I got banned from one of your servers in an entirely different game
  27. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:19] because your admin was being a jew
  28. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:19] I'm not taking back my words to be unbanned
  29. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:19] i'm not a fucking pussy
  30. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:20] well then, reap what you sow :)
  31. * Phaen [Thu 14:21] is still wondering what Jewry has to do with this
  32. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:21] it's simple
  33. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:21] admin was being a jew
  34. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:21] I called him a jew
  35. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:21] I got banned
  36. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:21] from TF2
  37. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:22] and now I can't fucking play L4D2 anymore because your servers have like 12 ping for me and it fucking favors them
  38. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:22] when i'm lobby leader
  39. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:22] what was he doing, eating unleaved bread at passover?
  40. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:22] unleavened*
  41. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:22] SO I HIT THE FUCKING START GAME BUTTON
  42. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:22] AND SUDDENLY
  43. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:22] "YOU ARE BANNED"
  44. <Phaen> [Thu 14:24] Host it locally. :)
  45. <pedantic_corgi> [Thu 14:24] YEAAAAAAH
  46. <Frymaster> [Thu 14:24] or use the "force server" or search key options
  47. <Phaen> [Thu 14:26] As I understand it right, you don't want 500 ping, so you are complaining that you are banned from the servers that do have a low latency.
  48. <Phaen> [Thu 14:30] Banned twice apparently, probably for good reason.
  49. <Frymaster> [Thu 20:23] well, now he's gone: ROFL
  50. <Phaen> [Thu 20:24] kinda funny
  51. * Frymaster [Thu 20:24] nominates for the "Unban request least likely to succeed" award

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