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Posted by frymaster on Fri 26th Feb 19:43
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  1. Skittles vodka instructions:
  3. You will need:
  4. - Vodka
  5. - Skittles
  6. - Flask to store excess vodka in for a few days (i.e. anything with a lid)
  7. - Funnel
  8. - Sieve
  9. - Kitchen Roll
  10. - Jugs
  12. - Pour out about 100ml from each bottle of skittles into your flask and stick it in the fridge or something
  13. - Pour a packet of skittles into each bottle.  Chances are
  14. - Put the lids back on the bottles and leave for up to 3 days.  Every so often, turn the bottles upside down / rotate them.
  15.     - The core of the skittles takes bloody ages to dissolve, it's when they have that the stage is complete.  Make sure you get them to move about when turning the bottles
  16.     - If there's enough space at the top of the bottle to deal with expansion, put the bottles in a sink/bath full of hot water
  17. - You will be left with skittles vodka with a orange scum floating on the top.  Filter using no more than a double thickness of kitchen roll in a seive, over a jug
  18. - Wash out the empty bottles with warm water to remove the remains of the scum.  Don't forget the lids!
  19. - Pour the skittles vodka back into the bottles, and top up with the virgin vodka you stored at the beginning
  20. - Consume
  21. - Get drunk and insult match players

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