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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 10th Jan 06:49
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  1. [02:41] <Prrrline> ntw, b/f's IRL games have all died because they were with the housemates.  He was given an invite to this game at the start up but chose not to because he had enough IRL games to keep him busy....what do you all think of letting him in on it now?  He won't be disappointed if you all say no...just think about it...LSN said maybe and we'll talk it through during the week...
  2. [02:42] <Prrrline> no need to answer right away
  3. [02:42] <Prrrline> anyways..night...
  4. [02:45] <kyprioth> I wouldn't be against it, as long as he did show.
  5. [02:47] <kyprioth> I guess I'll go to sleep too, I am rather sleepy.
  6. [02:47] <weenog> I'm kind of wary about giving an okay to a significant other... it's not as bad as a *DM's* significant other, but it's still risky, always is... there's also the potential problem of if both parents are gaming at the same time, there's nobody available to take care of the kids if they act up, at least one of them will definitely be distracted from it...
  7. [02:48] <kyprioth> Oh, that is true.
  8. [02:48] <kyprioth> Mostly the youngest one.
  9. [02:48] <kyprioth> Eitherway, I'm off.
  10. [02:49] <weenog> we could really use a decent divine caster, though, and prrr at least seems a bit less likely than most to degenerate the game into revolving around their relationship or otherwise allowing what's going on in life to interfere too much with what's going on in the game
  11. [02:50] <weenog> I think my own vote is a tentative okay but with the caveats that we start him off with a probationary period, and we get some time to communicate with him and get a feel for what sort of player he is outside the game beforehand
  12. [08:49] <Prrrline> The good news is that my kids are good enough about bedtime (which happens at or just after we get started anyways) and the baby is mostly attached to me right now or is asleep.  Since our computers are side by side now, we can pass her back and forth as needed (we've actually tried this with Wii and it works rather well and our games are slower than Wii games).
  13. [08:51] <Prrrline> And I can tell him to spend some time in the evening in the chat room here for everyone to yap, oh, and he won't make a stink about the maybe so/maybe no thing between Glora and Lerris.  He *gets* roleplay.  He's not about to insist that there now *must* be something between his character and mine.  In fact, he may insist that there never is something because neither one of us likes BS in games.
  14. [08:51] <Prrrline> err....never is something between his character and mine....
  15. [14:00] <kyprioth> Back.
  16. [14:02] <kyprioth> Tell him he's got an interview then :P
  17. [15:19] --> LoneStarNorth has joined this channel (
  18. [16:00] <-- LoneStarNorth has left this server (Quit:  HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!).
  19. [17:06] <weenog> still wary, but that is good to hear... avoiding Glora too much because of your RL situation could seem as artificial and off as being joined at the hip because of your RL situation, but then again it might not, we'll just have to see how it goes... unless something comes up OOC before the game, or in-game during the first few sessions, that creates a bad vibe, I don't think it should be a problem
  20. [17:07] <weenog> oh, and he doesn't HAVE to be a divine caster else get a reject decision from me, he'd just probably get a better reception in general if he were, considering we've still got big deficiencies in healing and to a lesser extent buffing despite multiple redundancies elsewhere
  21. [17:10] <weenog> I imagine you'll tell him what our characters are and what they do before he tries getting involved anyway, so we don't wind up with more of the same and no progress on filling capability gaps, or irreconcilable personality conflicts
  24. [22:05] --> LoneStarNorth has joined this channel (
  25. [22:05] <weenog> evening
  26. [22:06] <kyprioth> Hiya.
  27. [22:06] <LoneStarNorth> Hello.
  28. [22:06] <weenog> what's up?
  29. [22:07] <LoneStarNorth> Not much.
  30. [22:08] <weenog> what do you think about prrr's s/o getting involved with the game?
  31. [22:08] <LoneStarNorth> She asked me about it. I don't have a prolem with it.
  32. [22:08] <kyprioth> Hmm... Thoughening transmutation might be a nice feat.
  33. [22:09] <weenog> she asked us, too
  34. [22:10] <weenog> I have some misgivings about it, but I'm willing to try a probationary period, assuming we've got some time to familiarize ourselves with him beforehand and no dealbreakers come up before we even play with him
  35. [22:10] <LoneStarNorth> Hahaha, we're so picky :P
  36. [22:11] <weenog> it's not that
  37. [22:11] <weenog> I have NEVER seen a significant other join a game and not cause problems, plus we're getting a bit bloated in terms of how many participants are involved on our side in fights
  38. [22:12] <weenog> if you wanted your significant other involved I'd walk immediately, DM's s/os never work out, a player's isn't so bad but can still be a problem
  39. [22:12] <weenog> prrr seems a bit more likely than most to be sane about things, though, I'm wary but I'm up for giving it a try
  40. [22:13] <weenog> apparently having both parents involved in the same game and the kids acting up isn't too likely to be a problem either, from what prrr's said
  41. [22:15] <weenog> if things start looking like a sitcom about their relationship with the rest of it as a sideline though, or their bitter rivalry because it's obviously not letting RL bleed into IC too much if you do it backward, it may not last too long
  42. [22:15] <LoneStarNorth> Yeah, I guess I agree with that.
  43. [22:16] <LoneStarNorth> But I DID start a game with my s/o as a player.
  44. [22:16] <LoneStarNorth> Three years ago.
  45. [22:16] <LoneStarNorth> Apparently it CAN work.

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